How do I report a bug? (Re: [Python-Dev] Distutils documentation amputated in 2.2 docs?)

Fred L. Drake, Jr.
Wed, 2 Apr 2003 22:57:38 -0500

Tim Peters writes:
 > We have no control over either -- SF lets us put words there, but that's
 > all.  I added another paragraph:

We can do a little more; see the Expat tracker's "Submit New" page for
an example that enhances the presentation a bit:

One catch, of course, is that the extra blurb is always shown, even
for people that are already logged in (I suspect the majority of use
is by the development team); the farther down the page we push the
actual bug information, the harder it is for developers to use.

We need to think about the tradeoff; it is important to encourage good
reports from people interested in providing them and willing to do so.


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