[Python-Dev] fwd: Dan Sugalski on continuations and closures

Kevin Altis altis@semi-retired.com
Thu, 3 Apr 2003 11:42:09 -0800

via Simon Willison's blog:


Thanks to Dan Sugalski (designer of Parrot, the next generation Perl VM) I
finally understand what continuations and closures actually are. He explains
them as part of a comparison between the forthcoming Parrot and two popular
virtual machines already in existence:

 * (Perl|python|Ruby) on (.NET|JVM) leads in to the explanation.

 * The reason for Parrot, part 2 explains closures.

 * Continuations and VMs explains continuations.

 * Continuations and VMs, part 2 rounds things off by explaining why the JVM
and the CLR are unsuitable environments for supporting these language

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