[Python-Dev] Build errors under RH9

Gary Herron gherron@islandtraining.com
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 14:39:16 -0700

I just upgraded my development system to RedHat 9, and now I get two
compilation errors on the Python CVS tree.  I'll have time to examine
them tonight, but I thought I'd get a notice out now on the chance
that someone else has already resolved them.

1. Compilation of _tkinter comes up with
     #error "unsupported Tcl configuration"

   The failing test was changed just yesterday, but the previous
   version gives the same results:
   In revision 1.155:
     #if TCL_UTF_MAX != 3 && !(defined(Py_UNICODE_WIDE) && TCL_UTF_MAX==6)
   and in revision 1.154:
     #if TCL_UTF_MAX != 3
  And yet, if I remove the test, I get a (very minimally tested)
  working version of Tkinter, so the test should probably be modified
  to pass in whatever circumstances RH 9 presents.

2. Compilation of _ssl.c fails to find, through a chain of includes,
   file krb5.h.  Then things rapidly go to hell.

     #define OPENSSL_NO_KRB5
   gets through the compilation, but I don't yet know how to test it.

   (How to I get past the
      "Use of the `network' resource not enabled"
    result of running test_socket_ssl.py?)

Gary Herron