[Python-Dev] pirate (python+parrot)

Michal Wallace michal@sabren.com
Sat Aug 2 04:09:06 EDT 2003

Hey all,

Earlier this week, I picked up amk's old
crack at generating parrot bytecode, and
have got it working again with imcc, the
new(er) high(er)-level parrot assembler.

Between imcc and the python compiler package,
it's actually moving pretty rapidly. Currently,
it supports:

    - print
    - lists, strings, ints (but no methods on them)
    - assignment and multi-assignment ( x,y=1,2 )
    - while, for, if/elif/else, break, continue
    - math operations (+, -, *, /, %)
    - boolean logic (and, or, not)
    - comparison operators
    - function calls
    - lambda

You can browse the code here:

    (See the README file for more info)

To run it, you'll need python and also to check 
out and build parrot from cvs:


I'm just posting here to see if anyone's interested
in helping out. There's a to-do list and help wanted
section in the README, but one thing I could *really*
use some help with is figuring out how to get the 
core C types working as PMCs. A PMC is supposedly 
very similar to a PyObject, so I'm wondering if it's
possible to bridge the two without doing a lot of
extra work. I just don't know enough C to judge.

Anyway, cheers. :)

Michal J Wallace
Sabren Enterprises, Inc.
contact: michal@sabren.com
hosting: http://www.cornerhost.com/
my site: http://www.withoutane.com/

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