[Python-Dev] New python-mode project at SourceForge

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Sun Aug 3 05:31:21 EDT 2003

I no longer have time to properly maintain python-mode.el, so in the
fine open source tradition, I've started a SourceForge project and a
mailing list for python-mode.  Skip and Ken are co-admins of the
project, so this way we can give people access to python-mode without
going through the rigamarole of making them committers on the Python

python-mode at python.org is the mailing list (it used to be just an
alias).  http://sf.net/projects/python-mode is the project.  Both are
only minimally set up at the moment (I couldn't access cvs tonight so I
haven't installed python-mode.el yet).

We still need to decide what to do about Misc/python-mode.el.  I propose
we do imports from the python-mode project at appropriate times.  Anyone
hacking on python-mode.el should stop doing that in the Python project.

Feel free to subscribe to the mailingl ist if you want to help.


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