[Python-Dev] Document Lib/platform.py ?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Aug 4 23:29:05 EDT 2003

> While skimming the "What's New" doc for 2.3 I noticed the mention of
> the platform module.  After noticing that there were no docs for
> it, I checked out the module and noticed that the docstrings are
> pretty good as-is.
> So, the question becomes whether it is okay for me to write up some
> LaTeX docs for Fred to correct.  The only reason I am asking instead
> of just writing the thing up is I know once it is documented it is
> considered "official" and thus require maintenance and support and I
> don't know if we want to bother with that.

Go for it!  If Fred could make the time, he'd never let an undocumented
module or change go out the door.  The somtimes-lagging state of the docs is
an unwanted concession to current development reality, not an intentional
thing.  platform.py became "official" the instant it was released in the
standard library.  Then again, it's all Guido's problem now <wink>.

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