[Python-Dev] Outlook release on SourceForge

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Aug 11 01:23:01 EDT 2003

[pyton-dev'ers, read the last paragraph and weep <wink>]

I created a "Outlook Addin" package on the spambayes file release page, and
added Mark's 0.7 installer to it:


I also ripped off much of the text from Mark's Starship page (this is what
you get to if you click on the "Version 0.7" on the page above):


Mark, if you object to any of this, don't be shy!

Meaningless statistics <wink>:

Project UNIX name: spambayes
Registered: 2002-09-03 22:33
Activity Percentile (last week): 99.4015%

"Activity ratings" on SF are computed by an arcane formula, but generally
speaking the higher the percentile the more "active" a project is.  With the
percentile above, this is how many SF projects rank below spambayes:

>>> round(66620 * 0.994015)

In particular, we rank higher than Python(!) now, which currently sits at
99.0583%.  Python used to be among the 10 most active projects every week,
but lost a lot when it stopped releasing files from SF (downloads count a
lot toward the activity ranking).  It's possible that downloads of the
Outlook addin could boost spambayes to that lofty level.  It's also possible
that I'll get a job working on Python someday <wink/snarl>.

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