[Python-Dev] Outlook release on SourceForge

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Aug 11 13:16:00 EDT 2003

Michael Hudson wrote:

> "Tim Peters" <tim.one at comcast.net> writes:
>>In particular, we rank higher than Python(!) now, which currently sits at
>>99.0583%.  Python used to be among the 10 most active projects every week,
>>but lost a lot when it stopped releasing files from SF (downloads count a
>>lot toward the activity ranking).
> Yep.  However, the pain of dealing with the SF file release thingy
> compared to scp-ing things to creosote is night and day.  *I'm* pretty
> sure having a high activity rating on SF isn't worth it.

It is kind of nice just for the sake of catching people's attention and 
making it not seem like these other projects are busy while Python is 
trudging along at a snail's pace.  I doubt very many people realize how 
the ratings work, let alone why ours is lower than it should be.

But I agree with Michael that using scp instead of SF for releasing 
files is *so* much better.

>>It's possible that downloads of the Outlook addin could boost
>>spambayes to that lofty level.  It's also possible that I'll get a
>>job working on Python someday <wink/snarl>.
> I seem to recall Python got back into the top 6 during a week when
> Brett seemingly did nothing else but comment on bug reports...

Yep, that's right.  That was when I was going through the RFCs and bug 
reports.  I think I plowed through 150 tracker items in a day or two.

Still have to do the patches.  Doubt those will go as fast, though.


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