[Python-Dev] Building 2.1.3 on RH9

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Aug 13 14:56:03 EDT 2003

    Dennis> Seems to be broken -- at least _socket does not build correctly
    Dennis> because of openssl changes.  (Arggh... )

    Dennis> Where should this be reported?

Well, presuming it will be fixed, the correct place to report it is on the
Bugs page at


However, the 2.1 series is getting to be pretty ancient history.  Even the
Python Business Forum, when scouting around for a "stable" version of Python
to use as py-in-a-tie chose 2.2.x.  There is almost certainly not going to
be a 2.1.4 (unless you volunteer to be the release manager).  2.3 was
released a couple weeks ago.

You should probably consider upgrading to 2.3 (or at least 2.2.3).  If
that's not possible, you might want to look at the _socket code in 2.2.3 or
2.3 for hints about how you can get the 2.1.3 version to compile.


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