[Python-Dev] Berkeley breakage

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Aug 18 13:05:27 EDT 2003

    Tim> Berkeley version numbers seem partially insane, though: if you have
    Tim> 3.3.11, that doesn't tell us whether you've installed either,
    Tim> neither, or both of the available Sleepycat patches *to* 3.3.11.  I
    Tim> don't know whether those patches fix potential corruption problems
    Tim> in 3.3.11, but IIRC Sleepycat patches don't bump the version number
    Tim> regardless.

That's a good question.  There is a patch file in the /sw/fink directory
which patches several files in the distribution:

    db-3.3.11/build_vxworks/db.h        Thu Dec 20 15:03:34 2001
    db-3.3.11/db185/db185.c     Thu Dec 20 15:03:30 2001
    db-3.3.11/db185/db185_int.in        Thu Dec 20 15:03:30 2001
    db-3.3.11/dist/configure    Thu Dec 20 15:04:25 2001
    db-3.3.11/include_auto/db185_ext.in Thu Dec 20 15:03:30 2001
    db-3.3.11/include_auto/db185_uext.in        Thu Dec 20 15:03:30 2001
    db-3.3.11/include/mutex.h   Fri Oct 25 21:57:35 2002

I think the dates are patch dates.

Still, there's nothing explicit - like a README file - which says, "we
installed the foo and bar patches.  Comparing the above files with


suggests that I have both applied.  Neither looks like it fixes any runtime
bugs which we'd encounter.  One's to fix a compile problem.  The other's
specific to the vxworks platform.


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