[Python-Dev] RELEASED Python 2.3.3 (release candidate 1) - custom Py_Initialize()

Wiktor Sadowski art at wiktorsadowski.com
Thu Dec 18 02:38:07 EST 2003

Thomas,consider this:
specialized_python.exe  --path/foo.px (command line)
where foo.px is zipped ctypes-venster program -modules,some
code,binaries(images etc.)
specialized_python.exe could be statically linked against C ctypes,and could
contain ctypes and venster python code (freezed)
(specialized_python.exe could also work as "regular" python.exe and
successfully run ".py" , ".pyc" files)
Now associate ".px" with specialized_python.exe and you have clickable
packed python programs.

To build such specialized_python.exe you would need your own
PyRun_*NotSoSimple*FileExFlags , new Py_Main,
modified Py_Initialize and probably new or modified import engine.
And with proposed addition specialized_python.exe could use existing Python
shared library!
I'm afraid it wouldn't be possible with Py_InitializeEx, you are proposing.

For one of our clients we created pymozilla.exe to run packed
websites(zipped html,xml,css,images and python "cgi" files)
It's pretty cool. :-)

Current Py_Initialize() is ok for distributed Python framework , but it's
a pain if you'd like to use the language and not necessary each
aspect of the framework.

Why not make Python shared library more usable?


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