[Python-Dev] Running tests on freebsd5

Martin v. L÷wis martin@v.loewis.de
07 Jul 2003 07:09:45 +0200

"Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy)" <tdelaney@avaya.com> writes:

> OK - got some results. Remember that these are on a minimally-configured
> FREEBSD-5.1-RELEASE. I looked for a bug report on SF for these but couldn't
> find any - let me know which bug to attach trhe various test failures to
> (or let me know if I need to create a new one).

Please always create new bug reports - you can't attach stuff to
reports that you have not created.

Also, please create one bug report per bug, instead of reporting
multiple problems in a single report.

> test test_socket failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "/usr/home/Tim/Python-2.3b2/Lib/test/test_socket.py", line 215, in
> testCrucialConstants
>      socket.SOCK_RDM
> AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'SOCK_RDM'

AFAICT, this is a bug in your operating system.

> This one is almost certainly my fault ;) But the error message is wrong I
> think - it should read 'but timezone value' rather than 'but timzone value'.

This is fixed in CVS.

> test test_tempfile failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "/usr/home/Tim/Python-2.3b2/Lib/test/test_tempfile.py", line 299, in
> test_noinherit
>      self.failIf(retval > 0, "child process reports failure")
>    File "/usr/home/Tim/Python-2.3b2/Lib/unittest.py", line 264, in failIf
>      if expr: raise self.failureException, msg
> AssertionError: child process reports failure
> This is the other error reported by Pieter.

This requires deeper analysis by a platform expert.

> So I can confirm that both of the issues Pieter found are present on
> a *standard* FREEBSD-5.1-RELEASE install.

While such information might be useful to some people, it is unlikely
that anything is done about these problems, unless a platform expert
steps forward and determines the true cause of the problems, one by