[Python-Dev] New branch for r23c2 work

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Sun, 20 Jul 2003 15:51:41 -0400

[Barry Warsaw]
> It looks like 2.3rc2 will be required

I think so.  If yesterday's parser module initialization fix is the only one
that ends up getting made, though, I'd be comfortable going straight to a
final release.  But I don't expect that.

> and that PEP 283 has been updated to reflect this.

Yes, it schedules a 2.3c2 now.

> I'm confused by this message though: are you volunteering to port
> r23c1-branch to the head

Somebody has to, but nobody has volunteered yet <wink>.

> so we can do the rc2 and then 2.3 final releases from the head?

The release is stretching out, so I didn't intend to release c2 or final
from the head.  The intent:

+ Work for c2 proceeds on r23c1-branch, which is the currently active
  release branch.

+ Other random work (for 2.3.1 and 2.4) continues on the head.

+ Come Thursday,

  - r23c1-branch is tagged as r23c2-fork, and r23c2-branch is
    created from it.

  - The then-current state of r23c1-branch is also backported to
    the head.

  - The c2 release is made from r23c2-branch, which also gets tagged
    with r23c2.

+ After Thursday, work for 2.3 final occurs on r23c2-branch, the
  then-currently active release branch.  Other random work (for
  2.3.1 and 2.4) continues on the head.

+ The Thursday after that,

  - r23c2-branch is tagged as release23, and release23-maint
    branch is created from it.

  - The release23 tag is backported to the head.

  = 2.3 final is released from the release23 tag.

+ After that,

  - 2.4 development occurs on the head.

  - 2.3.1 development occurs on release23-maint.

> When is that going to happen, given that Thursday is the target
> for rc2?

It doesn't really matter when it happens, although it would be best to
backport r23c2 changes to the head concurrent with the r23c2 release, and
likewise for 2.3 final changes.

> And Jack, are your changes going to make it in by Thursday?

That's an important question!  Since the point of releasing by the end of
July is to synch with some Mac deadline, the point is missed if Jack's
changes don't happen.