[Python-Dev] cygwin errors

Barry Warsaw barry@python.org
21 Jul 2003 17:14:33 -0400

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 17:01, Tim Peters wrote:

> [Jason Tishler]
> > Yup!  But, would such a Cygwin specific change be accepted so close to
> > the release date?
> If the Cygwin-specific part is (as it seemed to me) isolated to the only
> line in the codebase that tests HAVE_PTHREAD_SIGMASK, I think the risk is
> too small to worry about.  In one real sense, the HAVE_PTHREAD_SIGMASK patch
> introduced bugs, causing a formerly-working platform to fall over.

I'd agree.  This isn't hurting any other platform, so hacking configure
for this test on cygwin seems of minimal pain.  The potential for other
OS breakage is smaller the sooner you do it.  <wink>
> > This is one of the reasons that I recommended option #1.  Any other
> > opinions?
> Barry is the release manager again, so only his counts.  Well, his and
> yours.  OK, his, yours, and mine.  OK, if you want to push it, his, yours,
> mine and Guido's.  That's it, though.  Unless you want to count Jeremy too.
> I suppose we should!  OK, the only opinions that count are Skip's, Barry's,
> yours, Tim's, Jeremy's and Guido's.  We shouldn't leave Jack out, should we?
> For sure, the only opinions that count are Fred's.

The only opinion that matters to me is our new Pylabs boss Frank Lomax,
who, while being a genius, smells funny.  He says to go for it, but I'm
not sure if he was talking about this patch, or about eating the patch
of chocolate pudding on his sleeve.  50/50.