[Python-Dev] Draft: 2.3 download page

David LeBlanc whisper@oz.net
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 11:30:02 -0700

> Depends on their PFW if any -- how programmable it is, how programmed,
> how buggy.  I do remember we advised people to turn anti-virus software
> entirely before running Python's installer on Windows (do we
> still do so?  I
> don't recall, probably yes); the IDLE-vs-PFW clash is lesser (no
> need to turn
> the PFW off entirely, just make sure it does let connections to
> work, one way or another) even though it will recur every time IDLE is
> started (and if we didn't document it clearly it might LOOK to
> the average
> uninitiated paranoid like we're trying to pull a fast one).
> Alex

The PFW's I'm familiar with, Zone Alarm (ZA) and Tiny Personal Firewall
(TPF), both pop up dialogs when unknown outbound connections are attempted.
IIRC, both will allow clicking a button to add a rule allowing the
connection (and, at least with TPF, making the rule a one time only or
permanent rule). TPF also detects the replacement of an .exe file and asks
whether it should be permitted or not (it has done this for Python x.x ->
Python x.y updates the first time any TCP/IP use is attempted).

Perhaps it need only be as simple as "If your PFW complains about your use
of Idle, please allow it to create a rule permitting those connections to
permit Idle to work correctly: no information will be sent outside of your

Dave LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA