[Python-Dev] Draft: 2.3 download page

Tino Lange Tino.Lange@isg.de
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 21:42:10 +0200

Aahz wrote:

>>First of all, Python 2.3 is overall [...]  mission-critical application.

Barry Warsaw wrote:

> If I read this, I probably wouldn't touch Python 2.3 final with a 10
> foot rigid boa.  Why is it not sufficient to say, on index.html:
> [...] Then on bugs.html, [...]


I agree with Barry - the text is "too hard" - and too honest. If I read 
this I'm sure I would at least think twice if I really should download & 
install 2.3 - or stay with my 2.1.3 for some more time. The actual 
Python 2.3 wouldn't deserve that :-)

The "bug" only affects those people that
a) have strange configured PFW on Windows
b) use IDLE
... many Windows user will use PythonWin as default editor since they 
install the MH-Extensions on top. The installer will make PythonWin the 
default. Even if they use IDLE - in most cases they will see some kind 
of Firewall Information and/or question LOTS of programs do some socket 
stuff on startup. This is not unusual.

Just a short "firewall compatibility note" should be enough.