[Python-Dev] Re: Capabilities

Zooko zooko@zooko.com
Sun, 09 Mar 2003 07:48:31 -0500

Following-up to my own post in order to apologize for contributing to the 
tradition of confusing restricted execution with rexec.

 I, Zooko, wrote:
> 2.  Mandatory private data (accessible only by the object itself).  Normal 
> Python doesn't have mandatory private data.  If I understand correctly, both 
> rexec and proxies (attempt to) provide this.  They also attempt to provide 
> another safety feature: a wrapper around the standard library and builtins that 
> turns off access to dangerous features according to an overridable security 
> policy.

Perhaps it is that "restricted execution" is designed to provide private data, 
by disabling certain introspection features, and "rexec" and "proxies" are 
designed to provide the wrapper feature?