[Python-Dev] check-in policy, trunk vs maintenance branch

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Nov 3 12:12:23 EST 2003

    Alex> No, but there may be some cases.  E.g., one of the doc fix I
    Alex> proposed (but didn't commit) is to the reference manual,
    Alex> documenting that list comprehensions currently (2.3) "leak"
    Alex> control variables, but code should not rely on that since it will
    Alex> be fixed in the future.  That doc fix would not make much sense in
    Alex> 2.4, assuming the leakage will be fixed then, as it is currently
    Alex> predicted it will be.

Sure, but the documentation should reflect the current implementation.  It's
the job of the people who change the list comprehension implementation to
also correct the documentation to be in sync with their changes to the code.


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