[Python-Dev] closure semantics

Greg Ewing greg at cosc.canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Oct 25 18:22:38 EDT 2003

> It's complex. Can you explain the complete semantics of 'outer' as simply as:
>     global <name> [in <scope>]
>     Binds and uses <name> in another scope. If 'in <scope>' is omitted
>     then the name is bound and used in the scope of the current module.

  global <name>

  Assignments to <name> rebind it in the next outer scope where it is 
  already bound, or in the module scope if there is no existing binding.

Seems about the same length as yours.

>   <include warnings about introducing the name into a scope between the
>   current scope and the scope where the programmer was expecting the
>   name to be bound>

Such comments belong in warning messages about the change issued
during the transitional phase, not in the language definition.

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