[Python-Dev] Consistent logging in the standard library

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at acm.org
Wed Sep 10 13:04:07 EDT 2003

Michael Chermside writes:
 > Seems like an uncommon request, but one which shouldn't be made
 > impossible for those who want it. But couldn't it be achieved by 
 > writing a handler which simply re-logged the message at the new
 > spot in the hierarchy?

That would solve that use case handily; if that's the right approach,
such a handler should be provided as part of the standard set of

The use case for a .setlogger() method on the various objects that
perform logging is different, so that is still needed.

Generally, I'm not convinced that a getdefaultlogger() is needed or
helpful (it seems an implementation default for the module), though
I'm not at all opposed to the setdefaultlogger() for the affected


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