[Python-Dev] Consistent logging in the standard library

Matthew F. Barnes mfb at lotusland.dyndns.org
Wed Sep 10 17:21:47 EDT 2003

Fred L. Drake, Jr. said:
> Michael Chermside writes:
>  > Seems like an uncommon request, but one which shouldn't be made
>  > impossible for those who want it. But couldn't it be achieved by
>  > writing a handler which simply re-logged the message at the new
>  > spot in the hierarchy?
> That would solve that use case handily; if that's the right approach,
> such a handler should be provided as part of the standard set of
> handlers.

I agree, this seems much cleaner than what I've proposed.

In fact, the "ForwardingHandler" idea could be submitted to SourceForge as
a separate patch for logging, and then the issue drops out of this
"consistent logging" PEP altogether.

So that changes my proposal as follows:
- The getdefaultlogger() and setdefaultlogger() functions go away.
- The self.logger attribute of class instances can be initialized to
- Some kind of "ForwardingHandler" can be added to the module's logger to
forward messages elsewhere in the logging hierarchy.  But this is not
likely to be a common use case.

Matthew Barnes

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