[Python-Dev] PEP 329: Treating Builtins as Constants in the Standard Library

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at bluewin.ch
Mon Apr 19 10:45:37 EDT 2004

At 13:56 19.04.2004 +0000, Gareth McCaughan wrote:
>On Monday 2004-04-19 14:49, Samuele Pedroni wrote:
> > Raymond, could you  please try to tame your speed obsession without
> > devising even more hacks and pissing in other people's pool.
>What a gratuitously obnoxious and pointless reply. If you have
>reason to think Raymond's proposal, if implemented, will cause
>trouble, then show it. If not, then why shouldn't he work on
>making Python faster if he wants to?

he's proposing an hack that would speed up CPython and slow down Jython
(because it would result in a no-op but OTOH he would like to remove the code
when some globals are bound to locals for speed reason. Of course that's 
not nice too
but replacing a hack with another is just sort of a win. Honestly there are 
very convoluted ways to make this, in this form, a non no-op on Jython too, 
not that I would like to
implement them or that Raymond cared).

if he has an elegant proposal that works for all of Python that would be a 
proposal, this
seems just a hack.

[Not that I particularly like this kind of semi-overt mud slinging] Other 
people do not completely share Raymond's design taste, so to say, in fact 
they have politely responded to single proposals, OTOH although it was a 
bit over-rudely formulated, I think it was the case to bring to the day-light
that that is creating some real tension.

PS: I'm starting to be really annoyed by the fact that Jython is often 
cited good PR
but a 2nd class citizen for all the rest. I'm aware of the practical 
circumstances of why that's the case  in some occassions, OTOH we are 
mostly all investing our free time on Python activities, it would be nice 
if we showed respect beyond just the forms and politeness. I'm back from 
the ACCU which was fun but tiring and also an occasion of some related heat 
taking. All I was looking forward is restarting
to finish the new-style class work (started in December and January) in 
Jython,after the stop because of working on the negotations for the PyPy EU 
proposal together with the others PyPy people, which we hope will conclude 
positively for the people working on it and looking forward to restart 
making PyPy a real concrete contribution to Python future. 

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