[Python-Dev] Re: Re: Re: 2.4 news reaches interesting places

Dennis Allison allison at sumeru.stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 15 22:04:11 CET 2004

Ummm... I don't think that anyone looks for information by trolling
subdomain names.  If I am looking for python information, I go to 
www.python.org or python.org.  I would never guess "business.python.org".

Seems to me that what we need is content and let the search engines bring
on the masses.

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Terry Reedy wrote:

> For a subsite aimed at businesses, business.python.org is obvious and 
> easily remembered.  Not all businesses are corporations.  'about' and 'why' 
> are not specific at all.
> I think such a subsite, linked from the main site also, would be a good 
> idea.  It should explain both why (including success stories) and how 
> (including employment/contracting) to use Python in business.  Pieces could 
> come from the existing site.
> I think the mere existence of such a site would constitute a message to 
> businesses that Python is ready for business.  I suspect the existence of 
> even a skeletal site would attract contributions to build it further.
> Correspondingly, perhaps there should also be a
> science(or scitech or learning).python.org with pages on Astronomy, 
> Bioscience, Chemistry, Mathematics, Education, etc.  Perhaps the scipy and 
> other science application groups would help.
> With two subsites for the main application areas, this would leave 
> www.python.org to focus on the language itself.
> Terry J. Reedy
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