[Python-Dev] HP-UX clean-up

Zack Weinberg zack at codesourcery.com
Wed Jan 7 17:39:07 EST 2004

I'm piggybacking on this thread to point out that there are some
pretty drastic simplifications possible in configure.in.  To give
examples: it contains its own logic for determining a 'canonical name'
for the operating system, rather than use AC_CANONICAL_HOST; almost
all the compile checks are using lower-level macros than they ought
to; there are several places where AC_DEFUN should be used to
encapsulate repetitive code, such as the custom checks for functions
like ctermid_r; there are tests that are completely unnecessary, such
as "AC_CHECK_SIZEOF (char, 1)" [sizeof(char)==1 is guarantted by the C

Another cleanup that would be nice is to get rid of Modules/Setup and
related; as I understand it, this is only around because the top level
setup.py hasn't been finished yet.  (And for a pipe dream, could we
have a way to set the disabled_module_list from the configure command line?)


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