[Python-Dev] Proposed: change to posting rules for python-dev

Chris and Ann Reedy chrisandannreedy at comcast.net
Fri Jan 30 18:07:47 EST 2004

Barry Warsaw wrote:

Barry -

  I recently subscribed to the list after reading from the web site for 
several months. I wonder if the proposed policy will end up cutting off 
postings from people who follow the list but aren't otherwise subscibed, 
and if that's good or bad.


>There's been some talk off-list about changing the posting rules for
>python-dev, such that non-member post attempts are automatically
>rejected (i.e. bounced).  This means you'd have to be a member to post
>to the list.  I think that's not an inappropriate rule for python-dev.
>taking-the-pulse-of-the-list-ly y'rs,

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