[Python-Dev] Python bug day?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Jun 1 12:55:53 EDT 2004

[A.M. Kuchling]
> ...
> None of the bug day documents I've found describe how participants
> indicate which bugs they're working on.  Do people say "I'm working on
> bug #9" in the IRC channel, or do they record their current bug in a Wiki
> page or tool? Or is duplication of effort not a problem in practice?

Announce your intent on IRC.  It's helpful if someone volunteers to keep a
list of item numbers and the people working on them.  They have to pay
attention to IRC.  That person responds when someone says "I'm going to work
on 12345" -- "great", or "Bob has that one, please coordinate with him".  A
Wiki page may or may not be usable for this (depends on whether it drops
changes on the floor in case of overlapping edits); a Wiki page would
certainly work for this if a single person is in charge of keeping it up to

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