[Python-Dev] HTML side by side diff patch 914575

Dan Gass dan.gass at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 02:31:16 EDT 2004


I'm attaching two samples of the latest side by side differencing HTML
output from/of the difflib.py patch.  If you get the chance, look at
the samples at let me know what you think of how they look/function. 
The samples themselves show the patched code.  I'm hoping some HTML
experts see this and can offer some tips on improving it (I would be
tickled if someone could tell me how to force the browser to select
text from a single column -- right now a selection over multiple lines
gets text from all the columns).

The HTML output is alot less sensitive to browser quirks and I think
looks better than what I previously had (I took some color schemes
from viewCVS).  I have simplified the user interface ALOT without
sacrificing flexibility which will also make writing the required
documentation more manageable.

I looked at the output on IE, Mozilla, and Konquerer.  Konquerer gave
some extra grid lines between all the rows which was annoying but the
other two looked great.

> If you can, get it in soon to avoid getting to close to the alpha
> release date.

I will try to get something to you soon.  I mainly have comment and
coding convention cleanup to do.  Barring no major changes, no later
than the end of June.

> Please segregate all of this stuff in a single section devoted to
> configuration and make it easy to change without affecting the rest of
> the implementation logic.

Hopefully the reorganization using a new style class for HTML
differencing addresses this.  If not I will need to talk to you a bit
more to see what you have in mind.

Dan Gass
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