[Python-Dev] TRUNK FROZEN for 2.4b2 release from 0000UTC 3rd November (tomorrrow)

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Tue Nov 2 21:46:19 CET 2004

On Nov 2, 2004, at 15:24, Brett C. wrote:

> Anthony Baxter wrote:
>> The trunk should be considered frozen for the 2.4b2 release from 0000
>> UTC tomorrow, Wed 3rd November. That's (if my sums are correct) 2nd 
>> November from 1900 US Eastern time, and 1600 US Pacific time. Or,
>> to put it another way, in about 11 hours from when I'm sending this
>> message.
> Is a deprecation of a function okay in the Mac C API?  Specifically, 
> PyMac_GetAppletScriptFile() is not being used by any known code and is 
> a problem for http://www.python.org/sf/1035255 (removes dependency of 
> compiling against some frameworks for the core on OS X).  Since I 
> didn't feel totally safe applying the patch for b2 since it changed 
> compilation and I didn't get in early enough to get testing from CVS 
> users I was planning on deprecating PyMac_GetAppletScriptFile() for 
> 2.4 and removing it in 2.5 so I could apply the patch then.
> But it is a feature change so I wanted to get clearance first.  As I 
> said, to the best of my and Bob Ippolito's knowledge no one is using 
> the function and it is a hinderance in removing unneeded linking 
> against the core on OS X.
> Sorry I didn't do this sooner but I didn't think about deprecating the 
> thing until late last night.

If it's absolutely necessary to keep this undocumented function that 
*nobody* uses in the API, I'll write a version that delegates the 
functionality to an extension module that has business linking to said 
frameworks.  I really want to see this change for 2.4.


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