[Python-Dev] Inno-Setup for Python 2.3.4

A.B., Khalid abkhd at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 14 00:05:11 CEST 2004

[Alexandre Parenteau]
>- The ISS files (Inno) do not seem up to date.Is anybody having a ISS 
>version of the installer which works for 2.3.4?

Hello Alex,

I have been working on and off on an Inno-Setup installer for the MinGW 
Python I've been working on. The reason being I have Win98 so the Msi.py
approach does not work.

The script is still not finished, nor is it identical to setup script found 
in the
Python 2.3.4 sources. Moreover, it does not make any registry entries yet,
which I am thinking and hoping of doing either through a Python script
(which runs after install is finished and before uninstall is started) or an
external DLL so as to be able to revert changes.

But even in its current unfinished form, the script works for me in that it 
all of the needed Python 2.3.4 files into one package and offers to install 
and Python's extensions, and uninstalls the files as needed. All the 
tests pass when Python 2.3.4 is installed from that script.

One can run Python's scripts from the DOS Shell and if file association is
urgently needed then hints from the Python.iss found in the original Python
source distribution can be of immediate help.

Get it here (3.49 KB):


PS: I have pymingw.py which is enclosed in the zip file where I have
    python23.dll and friends. It will be picked up by the script
    from there and placed in site-packages for use when uninstalling

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