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Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Wed Oct 20 08:20:12 CEST 2004

[Oleg Broytmann]
> http://python.org/sf/754022
>    This is the biggest and the oldest. It hangs in the tracker since
> Python 2.2. In short, it makes the webbrowser.py runs through
> list of browsers and trie to run every browser until one started
> successfully. Currently webbrowser.py tries to run a browser and if it
> fails - stops trying. Assigned to Fred Drake.

This should probably wait until Py2.5  The functionality, command line
launching and successive browser tries, appear useful.  Feel free to bug
Fred to at least comment on the desirability of the patch.  If he gives
it a thumbs up, almost anyone else can review and apply this one.

> http://python.org/sf/784089
>    A program to scan python files and list those require -*- coding
> directive. Reviewed by Marc-Andre Lemburg and Andrew Kuchling.

I will clean this one up a bit and add it Tools/scripts.

> http://python.org/sf/821862
>    Makes ftplib.py a bit more RFC959-compliant. The RFC requires the
> protocol to be run not over TCP but over telnet. For most people there
> is no difference but there is a subtle different for those who use
> non-ASCII encodings: chr(255) - a special character in telnet -
> a special handling. My patch adds a toggle that allows to turn telnet
> (actually, it only doubles chr(255) in command stream, but it is one
> two things that are required for FTP-over-telnet). By default it is
> to preserve backward compatibility.

Is there a real need for this?  As you mention in the patch, FTP is
usually not run over telnet.  This module has been around for years and
there has been zero user demand for the feature.  I suspect this is a
waste of bits.

> http://python.org/sf/1038388
>    The smallest and the simplest of all. 3 lines patch that adds
> __main__ to whichdb.py, so one can run it on the command line:
> $ whichdb.py *.db

This is harmless.  I will apply it for you.

No charge,


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