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Lars Gustäbel lars at gustaebel.de
Thu Oct 21 20:29:29 CEST 2004


Since I am the subject of this discussion, I think it's necessary to give my 
view on this too.

I am reluctant on this topic. I don't mean to stab Andrew in the back, but he 
brought up this issue by himself, I was surprised and (very) flattered as I 
read it today - who wouldn't like to be a Python developer :-) This explains 
why I didn't ask for it on python-dev myself.

I do not think that it is necessary at this point in time to add me as a 
developer. There is no open tarfile bug left in the bug tracker and the two 
open tarfile patches both introduce new features which will have to wait 
until 2.5 anyway. The first big bug wave since the 2.3 release seems to be 

In his post, Martin said that he believes I like my patches be reviewed by 
others before they're applied and I agree - I like a second opinion, it makes 
me feel more comfortable even if it slows down the process. I made positive 
experiences with Neil Norwitz, Martin and Andrew in this respect.

I still see myself as the main developer of tarfile. As Andrew mentioned, I 
maintain a separate distribution on my website and have a lot of user 
feedback there, too. I search the SF tracker for tarfile bugs on a regular 
basis and try to help out whenever I can. This is not supposed to change in 
the future. 

If it were common Python development policy to add a contributor to the 
developers list for further maintenance of his module, I would be delighted 
to step in. But I don't think this is currently the case.

BTW, The "Open issues" section of PEP #2 proposes a practice for module 
maintenance. It's about having a list of module maintainers that are notified 
each time there are issues with their module. Maybe there needs to be a more 
general discussion on this whole topic.

Lars Gustäbel
lars at gustaebel.de
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