[Python-Dev] On distributed vs centralised SCM for Python

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Mon Aug 15 23:20:15 CEST 2005

On Aug 15, 2005, at 5:04 PM, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> The centralised SCM tools all create a wall between core developers
> (i.e. people with commit access to the central repository) and people
> who are on the fringes.  Outsiders may be able to get anonymous
> read-only access, but they are left up to their own devices if they  
> want
> to make changes that they would like to contribute back to the  
> project.

But, if python is using svn, outside developers can seamlessly use  
svk (http://svk.elixus.org/) to do their own branches if they wish,  
no? Sure, that is "their own devices", but it seems a fairly workable  
solution to me as the two are so closely related.

Now, I've never tried this, so I'm just judging from the "marketing  
material" on the svk website.


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