[Python-Dev] On distributed vs centralised SCM for Python

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at verizon.net
Tue Aug 16 02:21:45 CEST 2005

 [Bryan O'Sullivan]
> > The centralised SCM tools all create a wall between core developers
> > (i.e. people with commit access to the central repository) and
> > who are on the fringes.  Outsiders may be able to get anonymous
> > read-only access, but they are left up to their own devices if they
> > want
> > to make changes that they would like to contribute back to the
> > project.

[James Y Knight]
> But, if python is using svn, outside developers can seamlessly use
> svk (http://svk.elixus.org/) to do their own branches if they wish,
> no? Sure, that is "their own devices", but it seems a fairly workable
> solution to me as the two are so closely related.

+1 This seems to be the most flexible and sensible idea so far.  The svn
system has had many accolades; Martin knows how to convert it; and it
presents only a small learning curve to cvs users.  Optionally adding
svk to the mix allows us to get the benefits of a distributed system
without any 
additional migration or support issues.  Very nice.


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