[Python-Dev] wush.net details

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Aug 21 15:34:57 CEST 2005

I made a service request at wush.net, asking for more details
about their service. There was a first response within 6 hours,
asking for more time to prepare an answer. I said I don't need
one urgently, and, with apologies, got a response one week

I added the essence to the PEP; namely:
- The machine would be a Virtuozzo Virtual Private Server (VPS),
  hosted at PowerVPS.

- The default repository URL would be
  but anything else could be arranged

- we would get SSH login to the machine, with sudo capabilities.

- They have a Web interface for management of the various SVN
  repositories that we want to host, and to manage user accounts.
  While svn+ssh would be supported, the user interface does not
  yet support it (although he said they might have something
  in September)

- For offsite mirroring/backup, they suggest to use rsync
  instead of download of repository tarballs.

So it seems that the "regular" administrative overhead would
be roughly the same on wush.net and python.org: we would
have to maintain account information ourselves; the initial
setup might be easier due to the UI wizard help.

I understand that the hope when using a commercial service
is that its availability is higher, due to us paying somebody
for the availability. Of course, Bob Ippolito's report is
discouraging here.


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