[Python-Dev] Is msvcr71.dll re-redistributable?

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at bigpond.net.au
Wed Feb 2 22:04:40 CET 2005

Anders J. Munch:

> 1. John X. Programmer buys the product, agrees to the EULA and puts
>    the DLL up for download, with the explicit and stated intent of
>    distributing it to anyone who needs it.

   Disallowed in 3.1(a):
# you agree: ... to distribute the Redistributables only ... in 
# conjunction with and as a part of a software application 
# product developed by you that adds significant and primary 
# functionality to the Redistributables

> Unless the EULA contains specific language to forbid such multi-stage
> open-ended redistribution, I'd say you can just re-redistribute away.

   Lawyers think like lawyers much better than developers do.


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