[Python-Dev] Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Fri Feb 4 05:41:59 CET 2005

Patch / Bug Summary

Patches :  284 open ( +4) /  2748 closed ( +1) /  3032 total ( +5)
Bugs    :  804 open ( +1) /  4812 closed (+13) /  5616 total (+14)
RFE     :  167 open ( +0) /   142 closed ( +1) /   309 total ( +1)

New / Reopened Patches

Patch for Lib/bsddb/__init__.py to work with modulefinder  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1112812  opened by  Tony Meyer

New tutorial tests in test_generators.py  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1113421  opened by  Francis Girard

Add SSL certificate validation  (2005-02-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1114345  opened by  James Eagan

support PY_LONGLONG in structmember  (2005-02-02)
       http://python.org/sf/1115086  opened by  Sam Rushing

Add SSL certificate validation  (2005-02-03)
       http://python.org/sf/1115631  opened by  James Eagan

Patches Closed

Make history recall a-cyclic  (2004-03-11)
       http://python.org/sf/914546  closed by  kbk

New / Reopened Bugs

Cannot ./configure on FC3 with gcc 3.4.2  (2005-01-26)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1110007  reopened by  liturgist

cgi.FieldStorage memory usage can spike in line-oriented ops  (2005-01-30)
       http://python.org/sf/1112549  opened by  Chris McDonough

patch 1079734 broke cgi.FieldStorage w/ multipart post req.  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1112856  opened by  Irmen de Jong

ioctl has problems on 64 bit machines  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1112949  opened by  Stephen Norris

move_file()'s return value when dry_run=1 unclear  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1112955  opened by  Eelis

Please add do-while guard to Py_DECREF etc.  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1113244  opened by  Richard Kettlewell

OSATerminology still semi-broken  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1113328  opened by  has

document {m} regex matcher wrt empty matches  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1113484  opened by  Wummel

keywords in keyword_arguments not possible  (2005-02-01)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1113984  opened by  Christoph Zwerschke

inicode.decode  (2005-02-01)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1114093  opened by  Manlio Perillo

copy.py bug  (2005-02-02)
       http://python.org/sf/1114776  opened by  Vincenzo Di Somma

webbrowser doesn't start default Gnome browser by default  (2005-02-02)
       http://python.org/sf/1114929  opened by  Jeremy Sanders

eval !  (2005-02-02)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1115039  opened by  Andrew Collier

Built-in compile function with PEP 0263 encoding bug  (2005-02-03)
       http://python.org/sf/1115379  opened by  Christoph Zwerschke

os.path.splitext don't handle unix hidden file correctly  (2005-02-04)
       http://python.org/sf/1115886  opened by  Jeong-Min Lee

Bugs Closed

broken link in tkinter docs  (2005-01-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1108490  closed by  jlgijsbers

recursion core dumps  (2005-01-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1110055  closed by  tim_one

install_lib fails under Python 2.1  (2004-11-02)
       http://python.org/sf/1058960  closed by  loewis

Double __init__.py executing  (2004-06-22)
       http://python.org/sf/977250  closed by  loewis

Cannot ./configure on FC3 with gcc 3.4.2  (2005-01-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1110007  closed by  liturgist

IDLE hangs due to subprocess  (2004-12-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1092225  closed by  kbk

Empty curses module is loaded in win32  (2004-07-12)
       http://python.org/sf/989333  closed by  tebeka

Tab / Space Configuration Does Not Work in IDLE  (2003-08-05)
       http://python.org/sf/783887  closed by  kbk

Negative numbers to os.read() cause segfault  (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1077106  closed by  mwh

Time module missing from latest module index  (2005-01-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1109523  closed by  montanaro

keywords in keyword_arguments not possible  (2005-02-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1113984  closed by  rhettinger

unicode.decode  (2005-02-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1114093  closed by  lemburg

eval !  (2005-02-02)
       http://python.org/sf/1115039  closed by  rhettinger

New / Reopened RFE

All Statements Should Have Return Values (Syntax Proposal)  (2005-02-01)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1114404  opened by  Lenny Domnitser

RFE Closed

All Statements Should Have Return Values (Syntax Proposal)  (2005-02-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1114404  closed by  goodger

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