[Python-Dev] Five review rule on the /dev/ page?

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Feb 17 21:22:29 CET 2005

[removed pydotorg from people receiving this email]

Aahz wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 17, 2005, Skip Montanaro wrote:
>>I am frantically trying to get ready to be out of town for a
>>week of vacation.  Someone sent me some patches for datetime
>>and asked me to look at them.  I begged off but referred him to
>>http://www.python.org/dev/ and made mention of the five patch review
>>idea.  Can someone make sure that's explained on the /dev/ site?
> This should go into Brett's survey of the Python dev process, not as
> official documentation.  It's simply an offer made by some of the
> prominent members of python-dev.

I am planning on adding that blurb in there.

Actually, while I have everyone's attention, I might as well throw an idea out 
there about sprucing up yet again the docs on contributing.  I was thinking of 
taking the current dev intro and have it just explain how things basically work 
around here.  So the doc would become more of just a high-level overview of how 
we dev the language.

But I would cut out the helping out section and spin that into another doc that 
would go into some more detail on how to make a contribution.  So this would 
specify in more detail how to report a bug, how to comment on one, etc. (same 
goes for patches).  This is where I would stick the 5-for-1 deal.

Lastly, write up a doc that covers what one with CVS checkin rights needs to do 
when checking in code.  So how one goes about getting checkin rights, getting 
initial checkins OK'ed by others, and then the usual steps taken for a checkin.

Sound worth it to people?  Not really needed so go back and do your homework, 
Brett?  What?


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