[Python-Dev] a bunch of Patch reviews

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Feb 24 22:08:08 CET 2005

Irmen de Jong wrote:
> I've looked at one bug and a bunch of patches and
> added a comment to them:

Thanks! I have now processed the ones for which I found guidance.
As for the remaining ones:

> [ 756021 ] Allow socket.inet_aton('') on Windows
> Looks good but added suggestion about when to test for special case

So what to do about this? Wait whether he revises the patch?
Accept anyway? Update the patch myself?

> [ 1103350 ] send/recv SEGMENT_SIZE should be used more in socketmodule

So what do you propose to do? AFAICT, there is no definition of
SEGMENT_SIZE in a TCP implementation, and I think we should not try
to make up a value.

IMO, Python should expose sockets more or less "as-is". If the system
has a flaw, Python should expose it instead of working around it.

> [ 1062014 ] fix for 764437 AF_UNIX socket special linux socket names

Can you please elaborate the problem? What is a "special linux socket

Regardless, the comment of the other reviewer is also valid: any patch
needs documentation and test cases.


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