[Python-Dev] Re: PEP 754

Warnes, Gregory R gregory.r.warnes at pfizer.com
Thu Feb 24 21:57:27 CET 2005

[After a long delay, the thread continues....]

Hi All,

I'm pushing ahead on the tasks necessary to add the 'fcponst' module
described in PEP 754:  IEEE 754 Floating Point Special Values.

Per http://www.python.org/psf/contrib, I've 
- Changed the license to the Apache License, Version 2.0
- Just faxed the "Contributor Agreement" to the PSF

I've also 
- created a patch on sourceforge.net for fpconst code and documentation

I will need help connecting the included test functions into the python test

What else needs to be done to allow fpconst to go into the Python library?  


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> > Hi David & Tim,
> >
> > First, I really like to see this go forward.  The fpconst module is
> > getting alot of use across the net, and it would be very useful to
> > finally get it into the standard python library.  What 
> needs to be done
> > to move forward?
> Looks to me like exactly the same stuff as was needed before. 
>  Guido needs
> to pronounce on it.  It needs a patch on SourceForge, adding 
> the new module,
> new docs, and a test suite run by Python's standard regrtest.py.  The
> non-PSF copyright and license remain problematic.  That last should be
> easier to deal with after the PSF approves a Contributor 
> Agreement (probably
> within a month), but will be a show-stopper if Pfizer won't 
> contribute the
> module under the terms of the Contributor Agreement (which 
> can't be answered
> now by anyone, since the Contributor Agreement doesn't exist yet).

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