[Python-Dev] Re: OK, time to retire

Scott David Daniels Scott.Daniels at Acm.Org
Wed Mar 2 20:44:20 CET 2005

Brett C. wrote:
> I have decided that I am going to stop doing the python-dev Summaries
 > after PyCon; the Summary covering the last half of March 2005 will be
 > it for me.

I (as well as most, I'd guess) have enjoyed your voice in the summaries.
Thanks for a great series of summaries.  Perhaps your final summary
could be a personal view of PyCon for those of us unable to get there.
If you make no more contribution to Python than you have so far, you
will have done us a great service.

Hip-hip-hooray-ly y'rs
--Scott David Daniels
Scott.Daniels at Acm.Org

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