[Python-Dev] LinkedHashSet/LinkedHashMap equivalents

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Thu Mar 10 14:15:03 CET 2005

On Thursday 10 March 2005 17:29, Raymond Hettinger wrote:
> Or the implementation can have a switch to choose between keep-first
> logic or replace logic.
> The latter seems a bit odd to me.  The key position would be determined
> by the first encountered while the value would be determined by the last
> encountered.  Starting with [(10, v1), (20, v2), (10.0, v3)], the
> ordered dictionary's items would look like [(10, v3), (20, v2)].

Or, alternately, we keep the last occurence, and move it to the new position.
There's a wide number of different use cases, each with a slightly different
final result, and for this reason alone I'm -0 on it for the library. 


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