[Python-Dev] Re: distutils fix for building Zope against Python 2.4.1c1

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Mar 12 15:05:23 CET 2005

Tim Peters wrote:
> Don't think it's needed on HEAD.  As the checkin comment said:
>     This doesn't appear to be an issue on the HEAD (MSVCCompiler initializes
>     itself via __init__() on the HEAD).
> I verified by building Zope with unaltered HEAD too, and had no
> problem with that.

Are you sure your HEAD is current? My copy of msvccompiler.py 1.67 reads

     def __init__ (self, verbose=0, dry_run=0, force=0):
         CCompiler.__init__ (self, verbose, dry_run, force)
         self.__version = get_build_version()
         if self.__version >= 7:
             self.__root = r"Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio"
             self.__macros = MacroExpander(self.__version)
             self.__root = r"Software\Microsoft\Devstudio"
         self.initialized = False

     def initialize(self):
         self.__paths = self.get_msvc_paths("path")



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