[Python-Dev] [AST] Procedure for AST Branch patches

Brett C. bac at ocf.berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 21 20:33:36 CET 2005

Grant Olson wrote:
>>Make sure "AST" is used in the subject line; e.g., "[AST]" at 
>>the beginning. 
>>Unfortunately the AST group is only available for patches; 
>>not listed for bug reports (don't know why; can this be fixed?).
>>Other than that, just assign it to me since I will most 
>>likely be doing AST work in the near future.
> Brett,
> I sent a few outstanding ones your way.  I hate to complain again, I know
> everyone involved are volunteers, etc, etc; but it'd be really nice if
> someone could take a look at '[ 742621 ] ast-branch: msvc project sync'.
> The patch is almost two years old now, has been updated for VC7.1 and still
> hasn't been checked in.  Without this, any Windows developers who check out
> the ast-branch will experience a broken build.

OK, thanks to John Ehresman here at PyCon sprint I got logistix's patch 
applied.  Beyond a warning that a warning that decode_unicode() is never called 
and the parser module failing to compile under Windows everything should be 
fine for compiling the AST branch.

Passing the test suite, though, is another question.  =)


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