[Python-Dev] PEP submission broken?

Bryan Olson fakeaddress at nowhere.org
Thu Nov 3 01:55:01 CET 2005

Though I tried to submit a (pre-) PEP in the proper form through the proper
channels, it has disappeared into the ether.

In building a class that supports Python's slicing interface,


I encountered a Python bug, which, upon further discussion, seemed to be
a combination of a wart and a documentation error.


I submitted the bug report via SourceForge; the resolution was to document
the actual behavior.  Next I worked out what behavior I think would 
the wart, wrote it up as a pre-PEP, and sent it peps at python.org on 27 Aug of
this year.

I promptly received an automated response from Barry Warsaw, saying, in 
"I get so much email that I can't promise a personal response."  I 
gathered that
he is a PEP editor. I did not infer from his reply that PEP's are simply 
ignored, but
this automated reply was the only response I ever received. I subscribed 
to the
Python-dev list, and watched, and waited; nothing on my concern appeared.

One response on the comp.lang.python newsgroup noted that a popular
extention module would have difficulty maintaining consistency with my
proposed PEP.  My proposal does not break how the extension currently
works, but still, that's a valid point. There are variations which do 
not have
that problem, and I think I can see a  course that will serve the entire
Python community. From what I can tell, We need to address fixing the
PEP process before there is any point in working on PEP's,


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