[Python-Dev] PEP submission broken?

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 10:32:57 CET 2005

Bryan Olson wrote:
>  From what I can tell, We need to address fixing the
> PEP process before there is any point in working on PEP's,

I think this is a somewhat fair point (although perhaps a bit overstated) - 
David and Barry can be busy IRL, which can certainly slow down the process of 
PEP submission. PEP 328 hung in limbo for a while on that basis (I'm going to 
have to look into if and how PEP 328 relates to Python eggs one of these days. 
. .).

Would it be worth having a PEP category on the RFE tracker, rather than 
submitting pre-PEP's directly to the PEP editors? The process still wouldn't 
be perfect, but it would widen the pool of people that can bring a pre-PEP to 
the attention of python-dev.


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