[Python-Dev] Is some magic required to check out new files from svn?

skip@pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Nov 13 14:27:29 CET 2005

    Martin> code.h should live in Include. It was originally committed to
    Martin> CVS, so it is in the subversion repository from day one; it
    Martin> should always have been there since you started using
    Martin> subversion.

Sorry, I had some strange idea it was new with the ast branch.

    Martin> Do you have code.h mentioned in Include/.svn/entries?


    Martin> I recommend to use pre-built binaries, e.g. the ones from

    Martin> http://metissian.com/projects/macosx/subversion/

That was where I got the 1.2.0 version I was having trouble with originally.
I built 1.2.3 from source.  I'll give the prebuilt 1.2.3 a try.

    Martin> I would also recommend to throw away the sandbox completely and
    Martin> check it out from scratch. Please report whether this gives you
    Martin> code.h.

Yes, it does (still with my built-from-source 1.2.3).


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