[Python-Dev] Is some magic required to check out new files from svn?

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Wed Nov 16 17:20:32 CET 2005


On Sun, Nov 13, 2005 at 07:08:15AM -0600, skip at pobox.com wrote:
> The full svn status output is
>     % svn status
>     !      .
>     !      Python

The "!" definitely mean that these items are missing, or for
directories, incomplete in some way.  You need to play around until the
"!" goes away; for example, you may try

    svn revert -R .     # revert to pristine state, recursively

if you have no local changes you want to keep, followed by 'svn up'.  If
it still doesn't help, then I'm lost about the cause and would just
recommend doing a fresh checkout.

A bientot,


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