[Python-Dev] Replacement for print in Python 3.0

Ron Adam rrr at ronadam.com
Fri Sep 2 18:53:16 CEST 2005

Paul Moore wrote:

> On 9/2/05, Ron Adam <rrr at ronadam.com> wrote:
>>Jim Jewett wrote:
>>>Putting the spaces back in (without a format string) would
>>>be even worse.  Charles Cazabon's pointed out that it *could*
>>>be as simple as
>>>    writeln(' '.join( ... ))
>>Why not just offer an addition method ?
>>examine(x,y,z)   # print with spaces
> Because we're now up to *four* stream methods, plus the same number of
> builtins, to do what one statement currently does?

I'm not sure having one statement that can do several things with 
multiple syntax's is better than having multiple methods each with a 
single syntax.

How is this different than having two methods in the case of partition() 
and rpartiion().


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