[Python-Dev] Names matter.

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Mon Jan 16 12:51:27 CET 2006

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Georg Brandl -- or so he claimed on January 8]
>>today, when two Python developers here had approached me about the PSF, I
>>realized that it is time to correct a mistake which I had made over three years
>>ago, when I discovered Linux, free software, Usenet etc (I was sixteen at that time).
>>I then assumed a different name, partly to anonymize myself as others had advised.
>>When I came across Python, I instantly liked it, and since I had interest in
>>Open Source development in general, I wanted to try and contribute to the
>>And, as a matter of course, I used my different name for that. When I realized that
>>I liked the community and the development of Python very much, I decided to
>>"unveil" myself, but I could never overcome myself -- till now.
>>I'm really sorry, and I hope you could at least partly understand what caused
>>me to act so irrational.
> It doesn't really matter, Georg:  by default, Python compares by
> object identity, not name.  If _you_ haven't changed, your name
> doesn't matter.

I realize that folks are, rightly, trying to encourage Georg.  I think
protection of the identity of a minor on the Internet is understandable
and justifiable.

In general though, for adults, truthfulness and non-anonymity *do*
matter.  At least they matter to me, a *lot*.  I don't think members
of the PSF should be allowed to hide their identity and certainly,
it should not be acceptable to contribute to Python under a false name.


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