[Python-Dev] Removing Mac OS 9 cruft

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Fri Jun 2 06:44:55 CEST 2006

On 2-jun-2006, at 5:31, Neal Norwitz wrote:

> I was about to remove Mac/IDE scripts, but it looks like there might
> be more stuff that is OS 9 related and should be removed.  Other
> possibilities look like (everything under Mac/):
>   Demo/*  this is a bit more speculative
>   IDE scripts/*
>   MPW/*
>   Tools/IDE/*  this references IDE scripts, so presumably it should  
> be toast?
>   Tools/macfreeze/*
>   Unsupported/mactcp/dnrglue.c
>   Wastemods/*
> I'm going mostly based on what has been modified somewhat recently.
> Can someone confirm/reject these?  I'll remove them.

Demo is still needed, it contains example code. Some of it is stale,  
but not all. IMHO Modules/wastemodule.c and the demo's for it are  
also toast. I don't include support for waste in the universal  
binaries and so far nobody has complained. There's also not a  
universal binary of the version of waste we need.

I'll be working on the structure of the Mac tree this weekend, other  
than removing cruft like the stuff you mention I want to move the  
files in Mac/OSX one level up in the hierarchy.  Well actually I  
wasn't planning on actually removing stuff, just moving them to Mac/ 
Unsupported, but that's because I'm a wuss ;-). Feel free to remove  
these files (except Demo) and feel the satisfaction of removing  
unnecessary code.

BTW. Bgen is a lot more challenging than the removal of old cruft. A  
lot of the modules in Mac/Modules are generated using bgen. Sadly  
enough they are/were generated from the OS9 SDK header files instead  
of the current system header files. This makes updating these modules  
harder than necessary. I'd like to fix this before 2.5b1 is out, but  
don't know if I'll be able to understand bgen good enough to actually  
make that deadline.

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